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First Time Deposit Bonus 40% Up to $10
Published on 07-06-2020

How the 100% First Deposit Bonus works

Once your deposit is made, you will need to earn 40% in real money. Each time you reach 260 points, we will credit your account with $ 1 cash. After your qualifying deposit.

Contact support if you have any questions about our deposit bonuses.

Turn $30 into $100 + Monthly Income
Published on 06-01-2020

Hi there,

It just came to mind writing down this, Tips the way to make money with us ranging from $30. I mean you'll turn the $30 into quite a $100 monthly income NET! Without going deep. Just an easy thanks to understanding.

Step 1: Add $30 to your account

Step 2: Buy Monthly Silver membership $5 /month, and rent up to 100 referral= $16.

Now you've got to specialize in your project. As you see, you will have still $2 in your purchase balance. You'll get to use them to extend/recycle refs, etc. later. It's preferred that you simply may enable the auto-pay option, extend your referrals time with discounts we provide. also, like recycling. Therefore, you usually confirm you transfer funds to get a balance to try to this.

Always click the specified number of ads to urge a commission from your referrals tomorrow. We pay upgraded users $0.01 & $0.005 per own click and $0.002-$0.01 per referral click.

Now let's calculate our work:

We offer you as an Upgraded member 12 ads and daily regular ads ($0.001 AND $0.0005 per click, so click as many ads as you'll.

 So, you'll have 8 ads with a worth of $0.01 per click and 4 ads $0.005 per click.

8×0.01= $0.80

4×0.005= $0.20

Result: You made a $1 thus far in 1 day only from 12 clicks.

As we said before, you rented 100 referrals with $18, After you clicked your ads now check your referrals stats. Let say all of your 100 rented referrals clicked. And every one-clicked 8 clicks. $0.002 per click. Total of 80 clicks.

80×0.002=0.16 = you've got earned $0.16 from rented referrals in 1 day.

Your total earning in 1 day: $1.16 Don't withdraw yet! Wait (focus on referrals auto pay, extension fees). You'll get to transfer money from the most to get balance.

If you would like to realize $100-$120 a month keep using this method all the time. Month by month. Then, you'll see that what I'm telling you now's right!

Note: it's going to take you a while to regulate and withdraw regularly. After you build down lines during a few weeks you will see your hard work's result.

Hint: keep rotating the $30 by renting refs, the refs you've got the extra money you will get.

Happy earn.

Published on 30-11-2019

PayPal/Payeer/BitCoin  "Promo"

We welcome all our dear members!
Many thanks to all of you for your support and trust!
We have great news for everyone!
We want to offer you PayPal/Payeer/BitCoin Promotions!

Deposit with Paypal/Pyeer/BitCoin and get the following bonus:
Deposit $ 5 to $ 150 Get 20% in your Purchase Balance.
Deposit $ 151 to $ 1000 Get 30% in your Purchase Balance + 6 month Ultimate Membership.

This promo start now and expired 31st april, 2020.23:59 server time

Best regards,
adyanis / team

Vote for us!
Published on 21-11-2019

Vote for the site to continue evrydays.
--> vote for us. <--

And thanks to all members

good luck for everbody. 

Yearly memberships discount
Published on 15-11-2019


This will be the final promo for the 9 years anniversary of Gptplanet as well as my nameday which is tomorrow on the 26th of October.

So,from today until the 29th of October 23:59 server time we are going to have a discount on Yearly memberships.

The prices are :

Silver $45 (from $50)
Gold $90 (from $100)
Gold Plus $250 (from $300)

You can use this promo to extend your membership if you have it already.

Kind regards,
Gptplanet,Scarlet-clicks,Adyanis and OptimalBux Admin

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